CUNY events BC Workshops, (Haiti movie, Afro-Cuban dance) and job prospects profiled by the NY Times

BC Workshops: The One Shot job Workshop, Tuesday: 12:30-1:30 PM, 1309 James Hall, Combines Resume Writing, Interviewing Skills, and Erecruiting/Job Search into one convenient session. To register Prezi Basic Workshop: Tuesday, 3:30- 5 PM, Library Room 383. Transforms presentations from monologues into conversations: allows for both a linear and a free-flowing presentation of a story line. Use templates and adding pictures, videos etc. to your presentation. You’ll make a simple presentation to understand all the elements of Prezi. Registration is NOT necessary, and there is no cost.
Photoshop Rundown: Tuesday, 6:30 – 8 PM, Library Room 383. Registration is NOT necessary, and there is no cost. Wednesday: Photoshop Photo Edit 1, 5:30- 7:30 PM, Library, Room 038. Registration is NOT necessary, and there is no cost. Photoshop Photo Edit 2: 5:30 – 7:30 PM, Library, Room 038. (*This workshop is not recommended for those who have never used Photoshop). The One Shot Job Workshop 6 -8 PM, 1309 James Hall. Combines Resume Writing, Interviewing Skills, and Erecruiting/Job Search into one convenient session. To register
Around CUNY: Film Screening, June 13 | Bronx Community College
“Fatal Assistance”
documentary film screening about the rebuilding in Haiti after the earthquake. Event is free and open to the public “Award-winning Haitian born filmmaker Raoul Peck will have a question and answer period after the screening. A reception will be held immediately following in the Gould Memorial Library Rotunda. 4–7 PM, 2155 University Avenue, Bronx. Afro-Cuban Dance Ensemble June 14, 15| Baruch College
“El Iyawo” is choreographed and directed by Danys “La Mora” Pérez, an internationally acclaimed Afro-Cuban dance specialist. “El Iyawo” is an epic poem that beautifully and powerfully illustrates the suffering and fear as well as dignity, morals , hopes and spirituality of enslaved Africans who endured horrific crossings of the Atlantic Ocean and established the African Diaspora as brave Cimarrones (runaway slaves) in the new world. Vivid fragments of history, ritual and tradition told through Cuban dance, song and music expression will ignite the stage by reaffirming its footprint in the universal history of the motherland, Venue: Baruch College Performing Arts Center’s Rose Nagelberg Theater, 55 Lexington Avenue, Saturday, June 14 and Sunday June 15, 7:30 p.m., $20 ADVANCED Tickets BEFORE June 7 (use code: ADVANCE) $25 GENERAL ADMISSION after June 7, (Note: Each ticket purchase will have additional charges for services and fees), Baruch College – Newman Vertical Campus, 55 Lexington Ave, Manhattan, Nagelberg Theatre.
BC students on job hunt: Theses are excerpts from From an Rachel Swarn’s article of the NY Times titled “Degree? Check. Enthusiasm? Check. Job? Not So Fast. Brooklyn College Graduates Step In to Depressing Job Market.” What’s next for a young man (Jelani Thomas) brimming with confidence and a bachelor’s degree in business management and finance? What’s next for a child of Trinidadian immigrants who dreams of making it big in the big city? What’s next for a City University graduate stepping out into a decidedly depressing job market? He is the first in his immediate family with a bachelor’s degree. Between 2000 and 2012, the job market was so challenging for recent graduates that growing numbers were forced to take jobs that didn’t require bachelor’s degrees, including low-wage and part-time jobs, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York reported this year. By 2012, about 44 percent were underemployed. Shani Abrahams of BC sent about 100 résumés. Mr. Thomas has received two firm offers: one from a company offering a position selling life insurance policies on commission, the other from a firm seeking part-time sales associates willing to solicit clients on the street. He turned down the jobs looking for something in his major.


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