BC’s Bravest honored, amazing graduation stories

85 year young BC Peace Officer Hubert Evans just graduated Medgar Evers College with a B.A. in Liberal Arts. It took him 4 years to achieve it. We have gladly profiled him before. From the same college he got an Associate Degree. He was honored on Recognition Day. He said he recently took a lot of physics classes. In his native country of Jamaica he was a runner. He has been a peace officer for 20 years. His department recognized him with a card from Director of Public Safety Department Mr. Wenz and also a card from the staff.

Peace Officer Debra Williams received her Master’s Degree at BC and wrote the following when interviewed via e-mail: My study was Industrial Organizational Psychology Behavior. What I’ve learned the most throughout my study was how to deal with different behavior in organizations and how organizations are develop and run. The most important thing I’ve learned is that you are only responsible for your own behavior. My plan is to work and impact young people lives through facilitating or training teaching them what they are self-worth. “Women in work place “was one of my favorite classes taught by Ellen Walker. I walked out of that class feeling empowerment, this class enlightened me on the many class ceilings that’s I may have to encounter because I am a women. I didn’t realize how women are treated so different in the work place. It was a long journey but I made it, it took 4 years because CUNY only allowed me 1 class a semester because I’m an officer. I did pay for 2 classes out of pocket so that I could graduate this year. I’m truly grateful to God, my Natural and church family for all their support. Special thanks to the Director of Public Safety Department Mr. Wenz who encouraged me to pursuit a Master’s Degree and to my public safety family for all their support. P.S. also fellow student Nelson Villatoro Jr. told us she was a very nurturing person.

Peace Officer Wayne Woodley’s son Kevin graduated. He had a dual major in Kinesiology and Psychology. He plans to be a therapist.

Film professor and author of many books Forster Hirsh has told that there is a student at Columbia University going consecutively for 50 years. She has many degrees.

Soon we will profile Peace officer Alonzo Golden who has been an actor with many famous actors. His IMBD bio is at Alonzo Golden http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1829999/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1


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