The fireworks the summer the music died, Brooklyn concerts and beyond

There will not be any Seaside Coney Island concerts this summer for the first time in 35 years. There is a new borough president and there involved building an amphitheater adjacent to the land-marked Childs restaurant building to provide a permanent home to the concerts. The original plan of an indoor theater was against the greatness of nature and summer concerts. Outdoor summer concerts should enjoy a sea breeze with grass and trees and under the stars. Borough President Marty Markowitz emceed them and got his fame from it.
As State Senate he started it in 1978, at the Midwood Field, Edward R. Murrow High School. It moved it to Coney Island’s Asser Levy Park, running the events through a private organization. It received both public funding and corporate sponsorship, and attended by as much as 15,000 some events. Brighton Beach residents’ successful lawsuit showed that the concerts violated city statutes by having amplified sound too close to a pair of synagogues. The concerts were moved to a cramped lot at W. 21st Street and Surf Avenue in 2011 next to the Cyclone’s baseball team. Markowitz now works as vice outer-borough tourism czar for the city. The official reason for the music silenced is on

There may no fireworks July 4th in Coney Island. Macys’ owns it and also moved the main fireworks to the East River from NJ. It may even be July 5th in Brooklyn as a permit was being considered taken out. There is a lot of politics to it. It is not all bad news as there will probably be new rides in Coney Island and other new venues to fill the void.

We’ll have to go to other free venues mainly in Brooklyn and beyond like Prospect Park, Kingsborough Community College, Brooklyn Academy of Music outdoor ones, MLK series at Wingate Field, Grand Army Plaza Library Dance lessons, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Williamsburg Pool Party series, State Senator Martin Goldin series in smaller parks, Central Park Summer Stage, Battery Park, Long Island Eisenhower Park and others, New Haven on the Green. We’ll be listing the top acts.


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