Cat and other videos, BC grad Wolf of Wall Street wannabe

Cat video stuck, tap dances
Will Ferrell and Chad Smith Drum-Off

Facebook sues college grad ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ wannabe. Martin Grunin a 22-year-old Brooklyn College grad, reportedly told his student paper, “money drives me completely,” is now facing a lawsuit by Facebook Inc. over fraud related to the social network’s ad space. Facebook claims he bought advertising accounts with high spending limits, and then turned around and sold them to affiliate marketers for hundreds of thousands of dollars, according to a lawsuit. Users clicked on ads and were redirected to third-party websites that paid him for the referral traffic, cutting the social network out of the transaction entirely. Grunin sold Facebook accounts he’d created for up to $30,000 apiece to other marketers, the suit says. Facebook has since shut down 70 accounts of Grunin after finding links to fake email addresses and falsified bank accounts. Facebook estimates Grunin pocketed nearly $350,000.
From the Wall Street Journal Market Watch


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