Computer bug Heartbleed prevention, new password ideas, J and R Music closes store for renovation

There has been a computer bug (not a virus) named Heartbleed that started 2 years ago. It is an open SSL. It has attacked 2/3rds of the servers but not home computers. To find the servers search heartbleed checker. Your BC Mail and have sent out e-mails saying they have been repaired but check for details and the show link below. Information on it is on . It is recommended you change your password every month or 3 months for online banking and where credit cards are used. For a good password have a capital letter, lower case, a number, hyphenation/punctuation and special characters if it is allowed. Some use a phrase and a number for the letters. Try a Password Manager like Before you change your password check if the server was infected and patched. (Google Chrome, Firefox) . If your e-mail is every infected have your vitals from it on a USB. On the Personal Computer Show there are details if the links are off. It is hosted by Joe King and Hank Kee on Wednesday 8 -9 pm

J and R Music have closed their Park Row stores to redesign an reopen next year. J & R will continue to sell merchandise online and on Amazon. The NY Times said “Like many local electronics retailers, the store struggled over the past couple of decades against big-box competitors like Best Buy; a sluggish economy after the Sept. 11 attacks and during the Great Recession; and the proliferation of online shopping. (Competitors, including stores like Nobody Beats the Wiz and Crazy Eddie’s, went out of business.)”


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