Videos: How to flirt scientifically, basketball champs, hockey, vote on BC movie, faculty passed a resolution to retake control of curriculum decision making

How to Flirt Better Using Science title video. (I disagree with the staring and touching they mention can be be harassing.)
National championship in Woman’s Basketball. UConn routs Notre Dame 79-58, wins 9th title. This is a day after the UConn men won.
Ranger hockey win, Great passes by Martin St. Louis,2,1182&navid=sb:highlights
Brooklyn College faculty breaks with CUNY: votes to retake control of curriculum
The full-time faculty at Brooklyn College passed a resolution on Wednesday to “retake control of curriculum decision making”, No confidence’ in CUNY Board of Trustees reports the Brooklyn Daily Eagle.
May 1st movie choices: In the Know, Brooklyn College Community, In the Whoa (vote from the BC mail sent out). All members of the Brooklyn College community (students, faculty, staff, and alumni) are eligible to vote. However, you must “like the Facebook page ( in order for your vote to count.


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