Cat videos, Belated April Fools’ Day, Worlds First Double Superpipe Competition

Cat videos: Top 10 Funny Cat Videos of March 2014
Best funny and cute cat videos compilation 2014
Worlds First Double Superpipe Competition

What Year Marked the Very First April Fools’ Day? Nobody knows. April Fools!
Seriously, nobody knows for sure when the day began. Mentions of the day appear to have begun sometime in the 1500’s, but that doesn’t mean the tradition started then. After all, we went a real long time without writing anything down. This is according to Trivia Today.
In Italy, France, and Belgium, What Do They Call Someone who Got Tricked by an April 1 Prank? In those three countries, the local tradition doesn’t say anything about pulling elaborate pranks and hoaxes, though you certainly can do so as long as your target isn’t the President’s wife or whomever. But the popular practice is to sneak up on someone else and tape a paper fish to their back. Then, the taper yells out APRIL FISH and laughs their little butt off.
In 1996 fast-food giant Taco Bell claimed to have purchased the Liberty Bell. There was a full-page ad in the papers and would be renaming it the Taco Liberty Bell. This, of course, prompted many, many readers were outraged that Taco Bell had to come clean early. By noontime, they had admitted it was all a joke, though not before the White House press secretary, in a rare moment of humor, remarked that the Lincoln Memorial had just been bought out by Ford and would be renamed the Lincoln Mercury Memorial.
Who was the Contact Person for a Phony 1994 Bill that Would Make it Illegal to Use the Internet While DrunkIn 1994, PC Computing Magazine columnist John Dvorak wrote that the government was seeking to pass a bill that would make it illegal to get drunk and use the Internet. Dvorak closed out his column by saying if anyone had questions about the bill, to contact Ms. Lirpa Sloof. That, of course, is April Fools backwards. Sadly, very few people got the joke.
In 1974 Porky Bickar in Sitka, Alaska had threw a bunch of tires into a dormant volcano called Mount Edgecumbe, and then setting them on fire. To the villagers, it looked exactly like the volcano was about to erupt, and they naturally panicked accordingly.


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