Hillel’s reaction to President Gould’s apology on BDS Forum

Hillel Director Nadya Drukker issued this statement on the eviction of four students at last year’s BDS Forum,.
Dear Friends of Tanger Hillel,
There are two new developments in the aftermath of last year’s presentation by BDS advocates on the Brooklyn College Campus. First, we are pleased to report that Karen Gould, Brooklyn College’s president, has FINALLY issued a new statement regarding some of the unseemly issues raised by last year’s BDS Forum. Included in this statement (see below) are apologies offered to four Jewish students who were unfairly evicted from that event, an admission that the College’s representative publicly misspoke about the event and the President’s mentioning that SJP’s Carlos Guzman had acted irresponsibly and likely based on political bias. These statements are important both for our students who rightfully do not want the record to wrongly show that they had any responsibility for Guzman’s reckless and clearly wrongful actions and for the historical record.
As you may recall, we asked the President to do more, including assessing penalties on SJP for violating College standards and a censure of the Political Science Department for its continuing failure to address its own internal issues and for its bias shown in promoting only one side of a contentious issue that demonizes the Jewish people.
The second development is a statement (http://tiny.cc/ivricx) from Kenneth Marcus, President and General Counsel of the Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law. Three of the four students who were evicted are now represented by the Brandeis Center.
We will continue to work in support of the Jewish State of Israel and against those who choose to delegitimize its existence.
We thank you for your continuing and ongoing support.


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