Rosie Perez funny clips on the talk shows and bio

Rosie Perez clips on the talk shows
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from the Daily News website

MSNBC ad Al Sharpton on serious issues
She hit Wesley Snipe, Spike Lee, Rosie hurled a piece of fried chicken in the face of Don Cornelius of Soul Train TV before being escorted out by security.

Rosie Perez on Boxing, Insecurities and Being Diagnosed with PTSD |

Rosie Perez bio from Wikipedia not put in our article last week.
Early life Rosie Perez is an American actress, dancer, choreographer, director and community activist. Perez was born in Bushwick, in Brooklyn to Puerto Rican parents which she refers to in the book and does accents of. She was transferred to a group foster home at age 8. Perez ended up having a speech impediment. She eventually moved in with an aunt.
Acting: Perez started her career in the late 1980s as a dancer on Soul Train and later choreographed music videos by major stars. Perez was noticed in a dance club by Spike Lee in 1988, who hired her for her first major acting role in Do the Right Thing. She was the choreographer for the dancing group the Fly Girls who were featured on the Fox television comedy program In Living Color. choreographed dances for Bobby Brown.
She had a major role in the hit comedy White Men Can’t Jumpco-starring Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson. Perez was nominated for the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Peter Weir’s 1993 film Fearless. In 1997, she starred in Perdita Durango, a controversial film in which many scenes of excessive violence, sex and nudity were edited out of the version released in the United States but supposedly remained intact in the version released throughout Latin America.
She played corrupt police officer Carol Brazier in the Judd Apatow-produced film Pineapple Express, co-starring Seth Rogen and James Franco. Rosie Perez is a massive fan of the sport of boxing. Perez served as the grand marshal for the International Boxing Hall of Fame parade in Canastota, New York
Activism: Perez is an activist for Puerto Rican rights. Her film Yo soy Boricua, pa’que tu lo sepas! (I’m Puerto Rican, Just So You Know!) documents her activism] She starred in and directed the Spanish AIDS PSA campaign “Join the Fight” for Cable Positive and Kismet Films. President Barack Obama appointed her to The Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS (PACHA).
Rosie Perez cites her career in activism as the inspiration behind her memoir. “It was more, let me tell my family and the people that I love and is most dear to me what really happened. God forbid anything happens to me, I didn’t want to be an enigma or a mystery to the people that I love. It really wasn’t for the public but as I continued writing this, I realized that with my second career—which is activism and charity—I felt a nagging conviction to share.
Perez serves as the chair of the artistic board for Urban Arts Partnership,a New York City arts education nonprofit that uses arts integrated education programs to close the achievement gap.


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