Tuesday BC events

Tuesday or Thursday there will be a Mardi Gras event on the Quad 12:15pm ish.
Tuesday: The Pre-Optometry Club 12:30 pm. Katie Van Benschoten, from the Foundation Fighting Blindness is coming to speak concerning eye diseases and give a workshop. She will also speak about the Fighting Blindness vision walk coming in May that her organization is hosting. Free lunch will be served at the Penthouse – Solarium Room, Student Center. Marketing Society 12:30 pm meeting 525 Whitehead. Chinese Christian Fellowship Team (CCF) 12:30-2 pm brother Michael will be sharing his testimony and some games WEB Conference Room (Room #146).
Sociology Club meeting 12:30 pm. The discussion topic will be “what does it mean to be religious in America?” 3604 James Hall. Israel Club is looking for volunteers to help do club outreach and pro-Israel advocacy on campus this week. If you are available to help this Thursday, please contact Hillel (by Mcdonalds) subject: http://blogs.timesofisrael.com/who-is-calling-for-apartheid-now/#ixzz2ur7uGpIc Abada-Capoeira Club meets in the West Quad Building, Room 240 (Studio to the left) Common Hours, 12 pm-2pm.


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