What happened in the Stupid Bowl, strategy and video high and low lights

Nobody predicted the Seattle Seahawks would win big. Their coach is very laid back. He made their game plan simple and even took out plays so they did what they do best. Peyton Manning some felt is too cerebral and makes the offense complex. Of 49 passes only about 5 was deep leading some to think he had arm trouble plus he was hit many times on the arm.
There is a motto that defenses win championships. The quick Seattle had the best d in the league. They were able to have a pass rush with their front four and did not have to blitz and use other players thus leaving areas uncovered. Manning’s pocket was very cluttered and he is not mobile. He was a lame duck and his arm strength has been called throws ducks but he completed 34 of 49 passes.
There secondary called the Legion of doom could take chances. A zone and cover 3 defense. Receivers were jammed with a bump and run at the line and their timing was thrown off. There was hard hitting for receivers coming across the middle and Seattle is very physical and the most penalized team. Denver receivers only advanced three yards after a catch do to great tacking. They gave up about 14 points a game this season and 9 points better than the league average. They gave up one touch down a game and in a passing league.
Seattle’s quarterback Russell Wilson played error free with no fumbles or interceptions. He mad key third down plays. All year he never had more than one interception in a game except an overtime one. Denver was the worst on kickoff returns. Seattle’s kickoff return scored and got good field position.
68% bet on the favorite Denver who was a 2 ½ point favorite. 100 million watched the game. The half time singers Bruno Mars and the Hot Chili Peppers were no paid but do it for the exposure. After Beyonce appeared in a Super Bowl her album sales went up 40%. The only thing I got right was that Manning had to have a good game and Percy Harmon would surprise many. All the other critics followed my prediction and keys, so much for experts.
From the Nfl http://www.nfl.com/gamecenter/2014020200/2013/POST22/seahawks@broncos#menu=highlights&tab=recap


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