sports commentary: see the whole picture

It is said that quarterback Peyton Manning needs this Super Bowl win for his legacy. One game should not make or break it after a fifteen year career and many MVP’s. Once LeBron James left Cleveland and returned on another team some said he had to play good in that game. If he had a bad game it would not affect the career he had and MVP’s based on one game. In baseball a relief pitcher comes in the game and throws one pitch and it is a hit he did not lose the game. All pitches may be equal. Why did the hit in the first inning not lose the game? NY Giant coach Tom Coughlin’s team had a bad record. Many blame him for it yet never show any decision making mistakes he made. His team had a lot of injuries and a lack of depth. The GM should be blamed or the owner and some players also. The same goes for blaming a quarterback solely. It is said the quarterback gets all the credit and all the blame. Some non all pro quarterbacks have won by just handing off the ball. Some great quarterbacks never won a Super Bowl and it hurts their legacy. They may have been on underdog teams that over achieved just to get there. There are 53 players on a team too many look for simple answers. Quarterback John Elway lost his first three Super Bowls and it was said he could not win the big game till he won the next two Super Bowls and similar happened to LeBron James. The 1960’s Boston Celtics won many titles. Some bench payers played very little or not at all yet have championship rings. I believe one has more than Micahel Jordon but that doesn’t make them a better player than him. Instead of simple answers we should look at the whole picture.


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