Sunday starts SBS bus service on Nostrand Avenue and 20% faster ride predictions

There was a public meeting in the Student Center 2 weeks ago with representatives of the DOT present. This Sunday 5am the SBS replaces the limited or express bus on Nostrand Avenue which affects 40,000 riders. The Nostrand Merchant Assocaiation meets regularly in the Student Center for anyone wanting to attend contact them for dates. The SBS will go from 30 stops to 17 and will use the wider Rogers Avenue verse New York Avenue. To use it you have to put your Metro Card in the machine at the bus stop machine and get a receipt. You can enter any of the 3 doors on the bus and do not have to swipe your card. It is more on the honor system but at some bus tops as you exit an inspector will ask to see it or you get a ticket of $100. The first few weeks they will not be issued. If you paid with coins you have to go to the driver to get a transfer. In the past it is believed fare reduction will be reduced 50% with it.  The green lights will now come faster and it is estimated that the ride will be 20% faster due to these conditions. You have an hour to transfer to another bus. There is supposed top be a 4 to 3 ratio of SBS to local buses. It has been used in other boroughs and in service in Manhattan for 2 years. Local buses you will continue to swipe your card.

This has been in the planning for 5 years. (Updated) When it started inspectors were still having troubles programming the bus stop machines. There will be a bus lane which should make the trip faster. The complaints are lost parking spots and merchants are upset it will affect unloading deliveries with special hours with designated for it. The streets were repaved fixing pot holes and so buses can pull in and out faster. Ocean Avenue may be the next route for it.


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