Spirited Student Government Meeting Assembly

Over a dozen clubs have started a letter writing campaign that we would not be doing our job if we did not cover this issue. On October 1 at 12:30pm the CLAS Assembly met in the Student Center Bedford Room. The Speaker Alberta Waingort’s phone went off an Assembly Member Paolo Cremidis said good song about the ringtone. It appears there is no computer typist recording the minutes as past assemblies did.

The big news was that past On Campus Magazine editor Bruce Crane asked for the minutes of the Ad Hoc Committee to see if notice was given of their election that they were not invited to or run it. In the past he had a petition of 1600 students and faculty that led to more library hours. Crane claims the committee never asked contacted him or staff to ask one question or tell them their findings. If they found in his favor could this be a cover up?

Deputy Speaker Kenji Logi who was on the Ad Hoc Committee asked him to prove a negative. He said can to show who else it affected as if one person’s rights mean nothing. This was a diversionary tactic. Crane later said staff could come to the assembly but in the past he was never told when they he was on the agenda after requesting it. Violating one person’s rights affects all. It did hurt several staff members that could not run or vote. They contributed to the paper and could not vote and some who did nothing involved with the paper could vote. Will Deputy Speaker Logi pay for people to miss work to come to the assembly because his committee did not finish their job and there are claims ran from their responsibilities? Many Americans were not allowed to vote till decades ago. Many have died in this country and others for the right to vote. Does he wants to throw that right away?  One might conclude that theory could mean violating one person’s rights are OK but if more it is not.

Speaker Waingort’s said the Dean approved the new election so there is no need for a new committee and it’s over. The committee had has nothing to do with the other. The committee could find against the Dean who said there would be a new election. If there not prepared to find the details they should not be on the committee and let others do the job. That is hurting the student body.   Speaker Waingort’s asked a few how they promoted their events. There are many ways like the BC home page and college newspapers which this one was not. This election was planned on spring break so could not have the weeks’ notice to the student body. Speaker Alberta Waingort’s ended discussion saying the 3 minutes was up. It was for Crane but this was then the assembly members’ time to comment which is different and there were many hands up.

It seems simple that if there is notice just show it and where and the minutes of the meeting.  On Campus did not run it or plan it spring break. Minutes of the recent assembly meeting were requested and told they have not been approved by the student assembly yet. The Assembly by laws was requested weeks ago.

Student Government Rosenberg campaigned under transparency. Logi not part of the party said he did not campaign under transparency.  If things go on a pattern, this may be considered the most crooked student government ever. We welcome a reply from them.


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