Any one can save a life, even you

AMSA and the Desi Culture Club sent the following.

From AMSA: A Brooklyn College undergraduate student named Nacy Parmar was recently diagnosed with Leukemia. A campaign called Checkmate Cancer! launched the project Saving Nancy and will be holding a bone marrow drive on October 29th to find a match for Nancy. Please visit her website at and help spread the word. Be sure to stop by Outside Boylan Hall on 10/29; a simple swab test can determine if you’re a match, which could be the difference that saves Nancy’s life!

Below is a message from Nancy’s friend Gina:I am Gina Abdulahad, part of the Saving Nancy project launched by Checkmate Cancer! For those who don’t know, Nancy Parmar is my friend and an undergraduate student at Brooklyn College who was recently diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. She is currently undergoing extensive treatment with trial drugs and chemotherapy at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. My team members from Checkmate Cancer! would like our project, Saving Nancy, to be known by Nancy’s fellow students to help raise awareness. We will be hosting a bone marrow drive on October 29, 2013 to help Nancy and other’s in need find a potential bone marrow donor. It would be appreciated if students knew about this and how important this is to save her life. Attached are two documents relating to Nancy. Please take the time to read Nancy Parmar’s inspirational story at  All of our support goes out to Nancy and her family. Our students at Brooklyn College are on your side- so please stop by on 10/29 and let’s say Checkmate to Cancer!

The Brooklyn College Desi Culture Club said similar but added: However, Nancy is at a disadvantage because not a lot of South Asians get ‘swabbed’ to be added to the registry. In order to have a successful donor, they need to be a 10/10 bone marrow match to Nancy. We will hold a bone marrow drive October 29th, 2013 and need your help . We would really appreciate it if anyone can help Nancy Parmar and others fight this battle by getting swabbed and joining the registry. I have attached a flyer for the event if you would like to share it too. Please take the time to read Nancy’s inspirational story at




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