Tuesday and Thursday Events

Tuesday: First October LGBTA General Meeting 12:15pm, State Lounge, 5th Floor and share your ideas for the mixer and help out. Learn about our other upcoming events, make new friends, hang out with a wonderful group of LGBTQ folk. Thursday: LGBTA SECRET HALLOWEEN FILM SCREENING at a Mixer, and we’ll be giving out a prize ($25 gift certificate for Ricky’s) to one lucky winner who guesses what it is.12:30-2:15pm Bedford/Amersfort Lounges, 2nd Floor, Brooklyn College Student Center. American Red Cross Club members, 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm Maroon Room- 6th floor Student Center, Refreshments will be served. They will also be making brochures to get the word out about our club. Reminder: To be an official member of the club and to participate in Red Cross sponsored events, you need to have an account on Volunteer Connection.  You can make an account by following this link: https://volunteerconnection.redcross.org/?nd=intake&entry_point_id=1258&unit_id=236&logout=1  After making an account, you need to activate it and complete the checklist. Detailed instructions on registering with the Red Cross are attached to their e-mail.


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