Student Government Meeting Assembly

On September 24th 12:30 the CLAS Assembly met in the Student Center Bedford Room. There was a swearing in of new members, student president’s remarks, new grant requests, new roles of Student Activities, Academic affairs, Government Op Committee and Engagement updates, NYPIRG’s address.   The Student President David Rosenberg said he was against many of the trips clubs go on. He was for leafleting and clip boarding for clubs to go around campus to promote their events.  The college is looking to restrict it. He has said all the documents he signs will be on line.  On the Election Act he is for reform. He does not want to fund clubs just for parties but a review of it. Soon there will be dozens of new smart classrooms. Usually that is an overhead projector. Sometime in the future more WiFi will come. He wants students to have a say in deciding professors tenure. His motto is “We work better when we work together”.  When he finished the Speaker Alberta Waingort asked if there were any questions and Cremidis started to ask one and said but he just left. A committee wanted to know how they were to review election reform. Past On Campus Magazine editor was allowed to talk and a few sentences later Deputy Speaker Kenji Logi said there was a motion to end the meeting.


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